Employees of the Quarter

Kristi Cole

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Integrity

“Kristi has been a huge asset to the platform and product teams, taking on the huge job of overseeing/creating/modifying a number of forms for the Virginia Surety project.  This is a big task as EFG has been moving to hosting forms internally which sometimes requires re-work or create new.  Kristi has continued to pay attention to the smallest of details and has always asked questions to keep this moving to completion.  This is a task that is easy to shortcut and Kristi’s efforts are appreciated for showing Dependability/Integrity to do the right thing to get the forms completed.”

Listen to Kristi describe what Dependability and Integrity mean to her.

Pat Dominiec

DRIVE Value: Excellence

“Pat has helped the product team on many occasions for claims and customer service information/research.  She has always been extremely helpful providing as much information as she can.  Pat excels in going beyond, asking additional questions that may provide value for the requested information.”

Listen to Pat describe what Excellence means to her.

Amber McManus

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Excellence

“Amber has really grown into her role in QA in the IT department.  The breadth of knowledge that she brings from her previous positions at EFG really adds value to each project she’s on.  I’ve been working with her on a few strategic initiatives and I would say that I depend on her quite literally every day.  I’d love to celebrate her with this nomination.  She is dependable, shows excellence and is always thinking one step ahead.”

Listen to Amber describe what Dependability and Excellence mean to her.

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