Employees of the Quarter

Scott Knapp

DRIVE Values: Excellence and Integrity

“Scott is an amazing asset to our company and the VSC department. Since the day I started at EFG four years ago, Scott has always been there to provide support and knowledge when looking at and decisioning a claim. Scott provides positive feedback and always looks for the positive in any situation, no matter how severe it may seem. He supports our company’s morals when providing benefits, and shares this knowledge with all VSC department personnel. Most of the VSC department (including all supervisors, adjusters and department heads) come to Scott for advice. He is always looking for ways to better and straighten our department. I truly look up to him as a role model while pursuing my career with EFG.”

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Ellen McGee

DRIVE Values: Excellence and Integrity

“Ellen is an integral part of the EFG Marketing Services team and the larger EFG family. In any given month, she manages up to 40 email campaigns to various EFG stakeholders, clients, and acquisition targets – this includes creating (both designing and writing content), managing, sending and tracking each and every one of those emails. This doesn’t even take into account the volume of content she generates for EFG on a daily basis, including press releases, case studies, industry articles, and more. It goes without saying that Ellen is very much a subject matter expert at EFG when it comes to compliance and industry trends. She does all of this with the greatest amount of integrity, dependability and excellence — and she bleeds EFG through and through. Thanks, Ellen, for all that you do and for being one of the most eager-to-learn, eager-to-succeed and dependable professionals I have ever worked with!”

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Subha Pentakota

DRIVE Values: Excellence and Integrity

“Subha should not be considered Employee of the Month or Employee of the Quarter, but rather Employee of the YEAR! Time and again Subha has proven herself to be quite talented in making sure we deliver the best products to both our internal and external customers. Subha’s accomplishments sometimes go unnoticed, but through her hard work and dedication, she brings to our attention issues in Design and Development that have a great impact on the quality of the systems we deliver. And, it’s not only the projects she supports, but what amazed me the most was the day she provided support to a dealership. Subha is always providing technical support to IT, Platform Team, Operations and Product Development to make sure we all understand how current features work, and if there are any unforeseen issues as we work through designing new applications. In her quality assurance role, Subha really shines with her testing and UAT support. She ensures the best product is delivered free of defects, and provides training to make sure everyone knows how a new change or feature works. Every day it is a pleasure to work with Subha and I highly recommend her for Employee of the Quarter.”

Listen to Subha describe what Excellence and Integrity mean to her.

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