Employees of the Quarter

Olivia Head

DRIVE Value: Dependability

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Olivia directly for years, and when I think of Dependability, she is who comes to mind. Olivia takes pride in her work, and when she commits to a thing she delivers as promised. Though Olivia exemplifies all of the EFG values, I’d wager Dependability is the one people would most quickly attribute to her.”

Listen to Olivia describe what Dependability means to her.

Lee Nah

DRIVE Value: Dependability and Excellence

“I have had to lean on Lee a lot recently in an attempt to retrieve information (I had no idea where to even begin). She has helped me prepare numerous reports and has always provided me with the EXACT information I need. She is reliable, and always willing to help, even though I know she is loaded up with other IT tickets. I couldn’t have performed my job without her willingness to help. Always a quick turnaround!”

Listen to Lee describe what Dependability and Excellence mean to her.

Joe Williams

DRIVE Value: Excellence

“Marketing works with Joe Williams in a capacity wherein we partner to tackle negative online reviews about EFG. Joe has the difficult part of this equation as once we identify a poor review, he tracks down the contract, researches the issue, and then picks up the phone and calls the contract holder to resolve any issue or question. Here’s the amazing part. Joe has an incredible batting average and has gotten the vast (and by vast I mean 90-95%) of all poor reviews either changed to positive or taken down. That takes more than just doing your job. That takes believing in EFG. It is clear each and every day that you talk with Joe that he believes in EFG, what we do for our customers.”

Listen to Joe describe what Excellence means to him.

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