Employees of the Quarter

Julia Karanian

DRIVE Value: Dependability

“Julia epitomizes dependability. Each and every day, Julia uses her knowledge, experience, and abilities to not only deliver on her individual commitments and work responsibilities, but also to assist and support others on her team as well as those in other departments. Julia has never hesitated to jump in and assist anyone in need. She cares deeply about her fellow employees as well as about our contract holders, and her actions reflect this level of caring. I know I can count on Julia in any circumstance. Julia is a truly excellent individual who would be a worthy recipient of Employee of the Quarter honors.”

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Paul Roberts

DRIVE Value: Dependability

“When I first started at EFG, Paul was in Agency Services. At that time, there were only a few people that I could confidently rely on for accurate information. My position relied heavily on product knowledge and positioning and Paul was my go-to person to gain that perspective. Even now after 8 years, Paul is still my go-to person for dealership F&I, service drive and product knowledge. He is always positive and willing to share his wealth of knowledge, whether it is in the form of an answer to a question or in identifying an area where product language needs to be tweaked. I can always depend on him to provide me with the perspective that I need, which has enabled me to perform and grow in my position over the years.”

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Tashonda Burt

DRIVE Value: Dependability

“Tashonda, in my opinion, is one of EFG’s quiet giants. What I mean by that is that she is a person that comes to work every day committed to serving her clients in the best manner possible, providing them data and information that helps them measure their performance against business goals. And, while that may not sound exciting to many people, it is incredibly meaningful. Tashonda clearly has professional desire and ambition to not just deliver what is asked, but to work with her clients to ensure that what she is delivering meets the needs on all levels, and will stick with it until it does. I hear comments from the field team voicing how appreciative they are of her work. Yet, she is very quiet and does not draw attention to herself or her accomplishments. She is dynamite and an example of the bright future that EFG has in front of it.”

Listen to Tashonda describe what Dependability means to her.

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