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Carlos P.

April, 2017
Very professional and fast. They provided me with the right information and were also very quick to respond to the shop where my vehicle was being serviced. Totally recommend EFG.

Desiree H.

April, 2017
Pretty good service with as far as my policy goes. Claims handled effortlessly by the dealer. Website could be more user friendly!

Jeff M.

March, 2017
Hey EFG. I work with you guys alot. You guys are awesome. Ray Becca Allen. Keep up the good work.

Justin H.

February, 2017
Alec Ferguson was the best claims adjuster I have ever worked with! Smooth, Easy, very knowledgable, fast and attentive. He really catered to the claim. We replaced 07 Busa motor and was able to keep my customer happy!! He took care of payment immediately and helped through the whole process. - Justin Cycle Exchange ATL

Jim M.

January, 2017
Covered several warranties and all is good!

Felicity G.

January, 2017
Always great service and very easy to deal with. I have had 3 claims on my car. All paid quickly. The warranty is very comprehensive and the price can't be beat.Would highly recommend!!

Ramon G.

November, 2016
I had two claims submitted for work by Sewell Cadillac. In both instances the claims were approved in a timely matter. Have been highly satisfied. Kudos!

L C.

September, 2016
Great Service. Recommend to all for extended warranty! Will buy again.

Latoya S.

September, 2016
Good genuine service without malice!

Ela S.

August, 2016
I absolutely love my warranty with EFG! They are the nicest people to work with and since I have a great warranty, I have the greatest service from them with my 11-year-old Pontiac Torrent! Love Love Love you all at EFG!! Keep up the excellent work! I tell all my friends about you!

Richard C.

July, 2016
I was initially skeptical when I bought the extended warranty for my BMW X5 because it already came with a dealer-provided engine and drivetrain warranty (also from EFG). However, this past week confirmed my wisdom in purchasing the full extended warranty when the NOX sensors needed to be replaced. Thank you for being there for me!

April S.

June, 2016
In 2 weeks I will have worked at EFG for 20 years. I can't imagine working with a better group of people that strive every day to give their absolute best. There's a reason why EFG was named as one of the top 100 places to work!

John H.

June, 2016
I recently had to repair my A/C on my new Traverse, I was thankful to have coverage with EFG, they made the process smooth and efficient. I have recommended them to my family and friends.

Oscar G.

June, 2016
Complete mechanical coverage with car rental benefits, fast claims response all for a great price.

Maurice H.

June, 2016
I purchased a service contract to cover my truck 100k more miles than it has on it. A few months later I had 3 lights come on and my power steering go out. I dropped it off at the dealer, EFG arranged for me to have a rental car and paid 100% for all the repairs with no hassle. I love this company! I will continue to do business with them in the future.

Jenna S.

June, 2016
Bought my car from Patterson Kia of Arlington and bought a EFG contract on my new soul. Nothing but great experiences. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Jose T.

June, 2016
I bought a 2014 Silverado Texas Edition- I purchased an EFG Premium contract and a tire and wheel contract. I feel like its the best investment I can make to keep my auto loan healthy. By doing my regular maintenance and not having to worry about future repairs, I feel like I have made a great choice by adding the coverage to my truck.

Dane S.

June, 2016
I purchased my truck at Karl Klement Ford about 2 years ago and also purchased an EFG contract at that time. My experiences have only been positive and I recommend both Karl Klement Ford and EFG to my friends and family. EFG provides superb customer service and their products provide me a sense of relief knowing the investment I put into my truck is protected by such a reputable company! Thanks EFG!

Pat D.

May, 2016
I have had multiple contracts with this company. Every experience that I have had with this company has always been positive. They have paid my claims quickly and without any type of issues. I would recommend this company and their products to anyone that is interested in service contracts.

Bob C.

May, 2016
Served me well on my car repairs.

Tom M.

April, 2016
They cover what they say they will cover and that's good to know.

Elaine F.

March, 2016
My past experience with this company has been fantastic and they have worked with me every step of the way. Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me...

Carlos C.

January, 2016

Sandra L.

January, 2016
A wonderful experience with EFG they do what they say and protected my car I wish they paid for Lexus parts only thing!!

Orlando D.

December, 2015

Gary G.

December, 2015
I purchased a EFG plan 2 years ago at the dealership where I bought my 2002 Audi TT. I have used the plan on 3-4 occasions over the past 2 years and have been very satisfied with the service and coverage. The EFG service representative (Carlotta) was always very friendly and helpful. I would recommend EFG to anyone considering purchasing a used vehicle.

Joanne M.

December, 2015
I will purchase your warranty when I buy my next Mercedes. Thanks.

Sharon W.

November 2015
I reluctantly bought an extended warranty because I have some bad experiences. But, EFG has been GREAT! I have had so many issues with my car and I only get it serviced at the dealer - EFG has covered every repair that falls within my warranty. The staff is always helpful and friendly. This company has truly saved my bank account on several occasions. Will definitely use them if I ever purchase another used car

Will G.

September 2015
Purchased extended warranty and road hazard coverage through EFG for my car. No experience with the vehicle warranty as i still have some factory. However the road hazard has already taken care of a wheel and tire. Both claims were processed without issue and in a very timely manner.

Blaise A.

September 2015
I've used my extended warranty on several occasions for repairs on my 07 Lexus. All of the repairs have been covered subject to the deductible I chose upon purchasing aftermarket with 28K on vehicle. I would certainly purchase another from EFG rather than the outrageously priced warranties offered by dealers for basically the same coverage. Even the dealer associates were impressed with EFG and the claim being approved in a timely manner. Thanks EFG for the coverage.....

Noel M.

August 2015
I have to say that EFG companies has been the BEST warranty I have purchased. I have had numerous expensive issues with my vehicle and I have never had any issues in getting my service request approved. From previous experiences with other extended warranties were they have made the process difficult for the repair shop and myself, EFG companies is like night and day. Superb service and outstanding customer service. Next time I consider purchasing a vehicle the only warranty I would consider purchasing is EFG Companies. Thank you for living up to your promise.

Scott W.

August 2015

Richard B.

August 2015
My mechanic was able to receive fast authorization for the necessary repair and they had my Mercedes convertible ready on time as promised. I am totally pleased with this coverage and would recommend it to anyone - especially someone purchasing a previously owned vehicle. It's great to be dealing with a company as reputable as this. All too often after market warrant coverage finds some reason to deny coverage. I would purchase this peace of mind insurance anytime I bought a previously owned vehicle. Thank you for great coverage.

Carla W.

August 2015
I went to the car dealership and I was told that I needed several things fixed on my vehicle that was past the amount i could afford . I told them to put them in order which was the most important thing to get fixed first and would pay for them to get get fixed 1 at a time. But the dealer mentioned to me about my warranty and said he would call me back. To my surprise when he called me back he said everything would be covered under the warranty. I was so happy that I cried. Thank you EFG.

Vernon A.

August 2015
EFG is a great company, Had a claim and was processed perfectly I highly recommend them up to everyone.

Michael R.

August 2015
I purchased a 2009 Chevy Malibu from one of my local dealers. I opted for the extended warranty. I am very pleased with the service so far. I've had both front control arms replaced, the catalytic converter replaced, and recently I had to have work done for both the front wheel hub assemblies and the cam shaft accuator. The warranty has covered everything saving me thousands.

Kevin C.

July 2015
My heart dropped when my wife told me our air conditioner in our van stopped working! One week before our vacation in the summer. Then when the service tech told us the compressor was out and I thought for sure we would have to cancel the trip. Then the Tech said we just need to pay the copay and the warranty would cover the rest. Soooo Glad we are customers. Dealership took care of everything. Saved our vacation. Thank you!!!!

Wike P.

July 2015

Dave K.

June 2015
We are right at the end of our warranty period. We got good service on a major transmission repair about a year ago. Then just recently, we had a radiator, and then its thermostat housing replaced in two visits. A faulty O.D. switch was also replaced, This vehicle is a 2007 Ford Explorer XLT. The policy has truly helped us have a beneficial experience with this aging rig. While it worked out in the end, this Co. could have simply replaced our tranny with a factory rebuilt one, for the same cost as the drawn out repairs to the O.E.M. one. Then the rebuilt's own warranty would go anywhere. As it is, we only have a Ford shop warranty from one dealership, situated between our home town and Seattle, when the transmission lost all of its fluid, as we drove over to a Seahawk's Game. There is a tight limit on the miles covered by towing, and Washington State can be pretty empty between Ford Dealerships. I will still purchase a new policy, if available, on our next trade up.

Brian E.

June 2015
After 2 claims, my experience has been exceptional. Wish I could say the same for the vehicle. Thanks.

Bryce U.

May 2015
I got the number from the dealership I bought my used car from. All I had to do was give it to the dealership I took my car to when I had an issue and it was all handled.

Joe S.

May 2015
My name is Joe Saunders, I have been in the automotive industry for well over 25 years, covering all aspects of the field. I have recently started at EFG companies about a month ago, and I am in pure amazement with this company, administration and people that I work with on a daily basis. My quality of life, not only for myself, but for my family as well has improved 110% from where I was at just a short month ago. The management team and co-workers are happy to see you walk in from day one, nobody is 'out to get you' or 'having to fight for work, with all of the drama that comes along with it'. I feel as if I'm a family member when I come to work everyday!!! My life is headed in the direction that I want for myself and my family thanks to EFG companies. THANK YOU EFG!!!

Becky M.

April 2015
I went in for a simple oil change and was soon told of other problems they discovered. Thankfully a bill that was going to be almost $900.00 ended up just a little over $300. Still much more than originally expected but happy my car was safe and it was a little easier to handle.

Jaspal N.

April 2015
I have been with EFG for almost a year now and found them to be very customer oriented. I have both my cars (Sienna Van and Lexus RX450H) covered for extended warranty. The claim process was seamless the first time around where I did not even have to talk to them. The Toyota dealer handled everything directly. The second time, around there was a confusion on the DVD player equipment having been an OEM part, which after clarification was covered as well. I have already recommended them to my friends.

Angela T.

April 2015
I took my car in for a routine service and oil change. At which time, I was informed that there were a few problems that needed addressed. I was completely overwhelmed because financially I was not prepared for extra repairs. Thankfully, a couple were covered so I was able to have those fixed immediately. Thanks to EFG it was quick and almost painless.

Gary G.

April 2015
My experiences with MAPS have been excellent. The dealer calls for coverage verification, and the service is performed. I have had no complaints with the service.

Orlando D.

February 2015


Jeshica A.

January 2015
I have been with EFG now since July. I have found that the people here are so family oriented, upbeat, caring and strive to be better than every other company in our business group. I haven't worked with any other warranty company before this but have lots of friends that do. As we compare stories about our work place it makes me realize that the decision that I made to choose this company over the many others, WAS the best choice and best company. To many years with EFG! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your family!!!

Felicia M.

January 2015
I work as a CSR at EFG. My experience here has been great. The management, environment and atmosphere is enough to keep you loving this place. I have only been here for a little over a month and it already feels like home. They give you enough to succeed. I have already received three certificates from sales and call center training. The knowledge you learn of this job can be used for a life time. I enjoy the challenging atmosphere and look forward to a long term commitment with EFG.

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