EFG Google Reviews

Carlos P.

April, 2017
Very professional and fast. They provided me with the right information and were also very quick to respond to the shop where my vehicle was being serviced. Totally recommend EFG.

Desiree H.

April, 2017
Pretty good service with as far as my policy goes. Claims handled effortlessly by the dealer. Website could be more user friendly!

Jeff M.

March, 2017
Hey EFG. I work with you guys alot. You guys are awesome. Ray Becca Allen. Keep up the good work.

Justin H.

February, 2017
Alec Ferguson was the best claims adjuster I have ever worked with! Smooth, Easy, very knowledgable, fast and attentive. He really catered to the claim. We replaced 07 Busa motor and was able to keep my customer happy!! He took care of payment immediately and helped through the whole process. – Justin Cycle Exchange ATL

Felicity G.

January, 2017
Always great service and very easy to deal with. I have had 3 claims on my car. All paid quickly. The warranty is very comprehensive and the price can’t be beat.Would highly recommend!!

Jim M.

January, 2017
Covered several warranties and all is good!

Ramon G.

November, 2016
I had two claims submitted for work by Sewell Cadillac. In both instances the claims were approved in a timely matter. Have been highly satisfied. Kudos!

Latoya S.

September, 2016
Good genuine service without malice!

L C.

September, 2016
Great Service. Recommend to all for extended warranty! Will buy again.

Ela S.

August, 2016
I absolutely love my warranty with EFG! They are the nicest people to work with and since I have a great warranty, I have the greatest service from them with my 11-year-old Pontiac Torrent! Love Love Love you all at EFG!! Keep up the excellent work! I tell all my friends about you!



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