EFG Google Reviews

Lisa W.

July, 2018
Great customer service! Thank you!

Robin B.

July, 2018
Easy access to all products. Nice training. I figure if you leave with just one new idea, then it is worth your time.

Ziya A.

July, 2018
My training with EFG was wonderful, easy, smooth, and was very interactive!

Jouseff A.

June, 2018
I really had an excellent experience with EFG for my training as a Financial Manager, not only during the training, but also with my results afterwards. Definitely 100% recommend!

Annette B.

June, 2018
I purchased a used Ford F-150. After only 3 weeks of having my truck, I had to put it in the shop and file a claim with EFG. Needless to say, I was very upset to find out from the dealership that the truck needed a new motor. I was so mad and frustrated not understanding why I was sold a truck with a bad motor. B.W., my claims adjuster, was so helpful. He went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you B.W. for all of your help in getting my claim approved to fix my truck.

Martin M.

June, 2018
I had a great training experience. The trainer is very informative and provided insight that I was not aware of. I’ve been in the automotive sales for 1 year and all my training has been through EFG. I’m learning something new everyday and becoming profitable, as well as one of the top sales for our dealership.

Louis Y.

May, 2018
Good guys!

Joseph L.

May, 2018
Great training. In addition to the thorough information that was provided, we were encouraged to ask questions. We were encouraged to participate in discussions. Definitely worth the time!

Blake F.

May, 2018
EFG did a great job putting on the training. It was very informative and fun. Thanks!!

Joshua B.

May, 2018
Some of the finest training I’ve received in 15 years!



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