EFG Google Reviews

Justin F.

May, 2018
Great training and friendly trainers!

Justin H.

May, 2018
Had an amazing F&I training class from EFG. They really stand behind there products. Great company!

Craig B.

May, 2018
My week-long F&I training in January with Dave was quite the invaluable experience, to say the least. His enthusiasm, love for his craft, and training techniques were all emblematic of how the entire company is run. After touring the classy North Texas facilities, I was impressed with how the entire staff was friendly and helpful. I’m happy to call EFG my provider of choice with my dealership and am eager to build a long lasting relationship with them. Thank you to Dave and the rest of the EFG staff for being as genuinely informational and as accommodating as possible!

James C.

May, 2018
Great training! They made things easy to understand and apply to my job.

Andre A.

May, 2018
Everything was so great! I learned a lot. They were patient. I have skills for the rest of my life that I can use in the finance department. Training was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere. I definitely recommend this company for training. They made me almost want to move to Texas.

Michael S.

April, 2018
Purchased as a peace of mind while my vehicles get older. Best decision I made to protect my 2 vehicles.

John P.

April, 2018
Our powersports dealership offers the EFG suite of investment protection products to our customers. That being said, I can say unequivocally state EFG is the finest company in the market for any dealership to consider. Their level of client service, after the sell, is extraordinary. We had a customer who purchased a VSC for their trike, forgot they had it, experienced mechanical issues, had the repairs completed and proceeded to pay the cost, out-of-pocket. They later remembered they purchased a VSC, contacted us, and we then contacted EFG to ask if there was anything that could be done. To our pleasant surprise they covered all the repairs, after the fact, without issue. Our customer, and our dealership management, could not have been more pleased. The EFG team is the best.

Lauren B.

April, 2018
This has been the first service contract/extended warranty that I’ve purchased since I had always bought new cars. We were purchasing an older model (over 6 years old when we bought it) luxury vehicle with unbelievably low miles, but my husband insisted we opt in for the extended coverage. The top tier option was reasonably priced and covered a lengthy list of repairs. I am EXTREMELY thankful for this coverage. While I love my vehicle, it’s getting older and things just aren’t what they used to be. We’ve had to use this coverage at least 4 times and repairs were swift and seamless. When I picked my car up at the dealer today, the service advisor said “you have amazing coverage with that contract”. I suggested to him if that’s not the company his dealership is using, they should switch. I highly recommend EFG Companies and I’m very thankful we chose to take out that coverage!!

Ken M.

April, 2018
My wife and I purchased a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe with 77,000 miles from a local dealer. The dealer stated the vehicle had a clean inspection, and even allowed us to take the truck and have it inspected by a 3rd party of our choosing. We chose a well respected local repair facility and paid about $120 to have the truck looked over. When we decided this was the truck for us, we signed the paperwork with the addition of a VSC and GAP. After having the truck for a little over 1 month, we noticed the truck leaned to one side while parked in the garage. So we decided to take it down to the local Firestone facility to have it looked at. Firestone diagnosed that the front struts, along with the upper and lower ball joints, needed to be replaced. Firestone contacted EFG Companies regarding the mechanical failure of our recently purchased truck, and was informed the claim was approved and we only owed the deductible of $100. My wife and I were shocked that the policy we purchased just over 1 month had already paid a claim. What’s even more amazing is that we paid a 3rd party to inspect our truck and there were no issues at the time. Just goes to show you that autos do break, it’s only a matter of time and how much it will cost. I strongly encourage everyone to buy from a dealer that offers EFG Companies. FIVE STARS!!!!!

Ramon G.

February, 2018
EFG Companies in Irving, TX is a company that can be trusted to honor a valid claim in a timely manner. The company’s bi- word is integrity and also honesty.

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