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Ricky L.

September, 2017
We were very unhappy with our original service but after working Joe Williams we are very satisfied customers. He took the time to listen to us and ensure that the repairs our vehicle needed where completed in a timely manner. He even followed up to make sure our mechanic received his payment, which we really appreciate. It is hard to find a trust worthy mechanic so the last thing we want is for him not to get paid. Great work and Thank you!

Richard G.

August, 2017
This is the way a warranty is supposed to work. Thanks for the no stress coverage.

Luke L.

June, 2017
Had an issue with my local Chevy dealership where they told me a part for my Camaro wouldn’t be covered under warranty. I insisted it should be but had no luck. Called EFG myself and I luckily had a great experience. Their employee Cole Bender assisted me with my issue and surpassed my expectations. He resolved my issue in a very quick and professional manner and surpassed my expectations. He was able to reimburse me money from Chevy and also a diagnosis fee from a totally separate dealership who couldn’t fix my vehicles issue. Thanks to Cole for the awesome help. He even answered questions of mine after his work hours which is dedication. This is the type of person this company wants.

Jessie N.

April, 2017
Awesome company.

Desiree H.

April, 2017
Pretty good service with as far as my policy goes. Claims handled effortlessly by the dealer. Website could be more user friendly!

Carlos P.

April, 2017
Very professional and fast. They provided me with the right information and were also very quick to respond to the shop where my vehicle was being serviced. Totally recommend EFG.

Danny G.

April, 2017
I’ve never had a problem since I’ve had an extended warranty thru EFG. They’re easy to work with and the dealership handles most everything. Thanks EFG.

Jeff M.

March, 2017
Hey EFG. I work with you guys alot. You guys are awesome. Ray Becca Allen. Keep up the good work.

Sarah H.

March, 2017
I just had to have a car repair done. I have the GOLD package that I bought with my car, and I took it to the dealership and it was repaired and totally covered after my 100.00 deductible. It was the most smooth stress free experience ever, and my rental car I had to have was also reimbursed. I was scared they wouldn’t cover anything because I’ve heard bad stories of extended warranties but these guys were awesome and super nice to talk too. I highly recommend getting the coverage you need through them!!

Justin H.

February, 2017
Alec Ferguson, was the best claims adjuster I have ever worked with! Smooth, Easy, very knowledgeable, fast and attentive. He really catered to the claim. We replaced 07 Busa motor and was able to keep my customer happy!! He took care of payment immediately and helped thru the whole process. – Justin Cycle Exchange ATL




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