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Signature Finish® Dent Protection

Signature Finish Dent Protection: a Smooth Value Proposition

With Signature Finish Dent Protection, you can help your customers protect their investment while enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening your bottom line.

Advantages of paintless dent repair

Signature Finish Dent Protection covers paintless dent repair on all exterior body panels and offers the following advantages:

  • No sanding, painting, or body filler is required
  • Repairs take about the same amount of time as an oil and filter change
  • Coverage is available for both new and used vehicles
  • The benefit can be used an unlimited number of times
  • Signature Finish™ Dent Protection utilizes the largest nationwide network of fulfillment technicians specializing in this type of repair
  • Customers have the freedom to sign and drive, with no reimbursement necessary

Turnkey scheduling and service

All customer appointments are scheduled through EFG's toll-free claims line, saving you time and manpower.

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