WALKAWAY® for Auto Dealers

A Vehicle Return Program for the Real World

There’s no denying the economic realities that many customers face today. Consumer debt is at an all-time high. Negative equity is rampant. Downsizing is a fact of life. And health issues and expenses are constant concerns for an aging population. WALKAWAY® acknowledges these realities, providing participating auto dealers with a proactive way to:

  • Manage risk by adopting a strategy that decreases repossessions and collection costs
  • Strengthen margins and profitability by enhancing loan volumes and offering upsell products
  • Differentiate your offerings, thereby retaining and attracting new customers
  • Close more sales by increasing peace of mind among your prospects
  • Enhance customer satisfaction without increasing dealer risk
  • Preserve customer’s credit for future purchases from your dealership
  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat business

Strong demand

According to recent market research, 63 percent of respondents admitted they are not confident about their job security — and 100 percent said the availability of a vehicle return program would have a significant impact on where they choose to finance their next vehicle. WALKAWAY provides the critical backup plan consumers are looking for.


At your dealership, protection comes standard

When a covered life event like job loss or physical disability occurs, WALKAWAY gives your customers the option to return their vehicles and simply walk away — with no negative impact to their credit. WALKAWAY protects your valuable customer relationships and positions you as an ally when vehicle return is the only option.

WALKAWAY® for Auto Customers

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