Common Sense Compliance

Tired of hearing a bunch of legal jargon when it comes to compliance?

Break through that legalese with
the Common Sense Compliance Podcast Series from EFG Companies.

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Think process documentation has to involve thousands of dollars in lawyer fees?

Think again. Documenting your processes can be as simple as writing out what you do, how you do it, and why. That's It.

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How much do you think your compliance efforts are costing you?

A typical U.S. dealership with revenue of $38,000,000 incurs an annual average cost of $182,754 in federal regulatory compliance costs.

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Compliance, Simplified.

Tired of listening to mouthfuls of compliance legalese? Looking for clear, actionable information? If so, you are certainly not alone. That’s why EFG developed a practical compliance platform that ensures our clients maximize profitability, while following simple steps to significantly increase their compliance standards immediately. For example, did you know that a daily five-minute walk through your dealership can potentially save you from massive fines?

Take the difficulty out of compliance with a common sense approach. Download our podcasts and watch our Common Sense Compliance® videos to see just how easy and time-efficient it can be.

Achieve Compliant Profitability

EFG’s Vice President of Compliance, Steve Roennou, leads our podcast series to provide dealers with a common sense approach to maintaining compliance. Listen to interviews with dealer principals, general managers, finance directors, and industry leaders on the best, practical approaches to developing realistic, effective compliance practices that also enhance dealership profitability.

April 26 Podcast: Your Involvement Matters

Ever walked past your managers discussing a compliance dvelopment you knew nothing about? There is a vast difference between the dealerships run by Dealer Principals and General Managers who make compliance a personal priority and those that don’t.

For starters, those who do, sleep better at night knowing that their personal risk and exposure is being managed.

Make compliance your personal priority with the second Common Sense Compliance Podcast from EFG Companies. Listen to our NAF- and AFIP-certified Vice President of Compliance, Steve Roennau, lead a practical, non-legalese-laden discussion with John Stephens, the Executive Vice President of Dealer Services at EFG Companies, on the difference between dealers who take personal accountability for compliance and those who don't.

Upcoming Podcasts
May 24 – Roles and Responsibilities Around Compliance

June 28 – All About Audits

You will also learn how to leverage customer service to enhance the dealership experience, cultivate repeat business, and boost CSI scores while increasing profit margins, with:

  • AFIP Certification Training
  • Monthly compliance support
  • Ongoing training and quality assurance

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EFG Compliance Podcast Host:

Steve Roennau, Vice President of Compliance, EFG Companies
Steve is an AFIP-Senior-Certified Professional in Financial Services. Steve has developed dealer-focused, compliance training modules that give dealers actionable steps they can use today in the areas of Adverse Action, Privacy Rule, Risk-Based Pricing/Exception Notice, Red Flag Rule, Safeguards Rule, Deceptive Practices, and Federal and State Regulations. In addition, he has conducted several compliance courses that pair down the legalese into understandable dealership language, including: Compliance Workshop for Dealership Managers; AFIP Prep Course for F&I Producers; and, F&I Compliance Training for F&I Producers.