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Marketing Services Group: Providing Interactive and Traditional Synergies

In today's market, the road to the sale is rarely a straight line. Instead, the decision-making process has become an intricate dance of Web-based resources, mobile comparison shopping, online reviews, social media buzz, and traditional marketing channels. Most organizations are quite comfortable with traditional media like print and broadcast — yet many remain intimidated or confused by digital marketing. The truth is, today's successful marketing strategies demand both traditional and digital components. You never know where and when potential customers will be zeroing in on their options. So if you plan to make it to the short list, you need a marketing services partner group with a unique understanding of consumer behavior in your specific industry. You need the targeted expertise of EFG.

EFG's consultative approach to marketing equips you with the consumer insights and marketing tools to increase store traffic,drive customer loyalty, and differentiate your business. Our exclusive, comprehensive marketing programs leverage the strengths of multiple tactics, including:

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