Simplicity Finance & Insurance

Selling Cars is Your Business. Maximizing Your F&I Profit is Ours.

Struggling to generate F&I profit with:

  • Inventory that does not meet lender requirements?
  • Limited lending options?
  • Little investment in F&I training in a high-turnover industry?
  • Inconsistent day-to-day staffing?

EFG Companies has developed a way to leap-frog over these issues without adding a single F&I person to your staff.


EFG’s Simplicity Virtual F&I Maximizes Your Profitability with more than 40 Years of F&I Expertise

  • Generate upwards of more than $1,000 PRU
  • Never worry about needing staff coverage again with an F&I expert that never misses work and is always on time
  • Get more paper bought with a dedicated F&I professional that knows how to work with lenders
  • Increase product penetration and PRU beyond your expectations with a fully-trained and seasoned F&I staff
  • Make F&I compliance a non-issue


You Focus on the Front-End Process. We’ll Take Care of the Back-End Profit!

This virtual F&I model enables dealers to focus on the front-end process, while a team of expert F&I personnel take care of the finance process from EFG’s headquarters, streaming live into the dealership. EFG’s professionals handle:

  • Financing
  • Deal Structure
  • Product Sales
  • Contracting
  • Funding


Simplicity Finance & Insurance Technology Drives Efficiency

Simplicity Finance & Insurance proprietary software enhances the customer F&I experience in lending, product sales, contracting and overall time spent in the F&I process. According to AutoTrader, the average time spent in the F&I process is 61 minutes.

Simplicity Finance & Insurance average time is 31 minutes.


How Virtual F&I Works

  • Sales uploads customer and vehicle info to the Virtual F&I platform
  • Simplicity speaks with both the sales person and customer over the phone to gather additional information in order to correctly structure the deal.
  • Simplicity submits deal to lenders for review. Once Simplicity receives lender approval, sales sets the customer up in their F&I room.
  • Simplicity walks the customer through the F&I process. The customer selects rate and products, and signs documents.
  • Simplicity validates each deal for accuracy and compliance then notifies Sales of approval. Every customer is recorded validating their identity and signing each form.
  • The dealership accounting team audits each deal and overnights documentation to your lenders. Simplicity works to ensure all CIT’s are handled efficiently including working with sales to resolve additional lender requests.
  • The dealer receives lender funding and Simplicity invoices dealer.

With Simplicity Finance & Insurance, you get access to F&I Professionals who do nothing but Finance & Insurance all day, every day.

  • Expert needs analysis, product presentation and ability to overcome objections
  • Repeatable and professional F&I sales process that is continually measured against benchmarks and mutually agreed-upon success metrics
  • Expert lender management, ensuring you have the right lender mix
  • Immediate impact to your PRU and penetration rate
  • Optimizing your vehicle inventory to maximize back-end profitability

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