Target Market Intel

Target Market Intel

Think Like an F&I Manager

When looking at industry and economy stats, do you ask, "How will this impact my business?"

F&I Managers are no different. Do you know their answers?

Find out how job loss/recovery, census statistics, consumer spending, etc. affect their business strategies.

We've compiled recent facts and stats and combined them with insights into the F&I space. On a monthly basis, this information will be at your fingertips to use for:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Executive Meetings
  • Sales Presentations
  • Speaking Engagements



Leaders at EFG are constantly exploring the latest trends and issues facing both lenders and dealers in the retail automotive space. We provide you expert perspective and opinion based upon more than 40 years of working inside the dealership environment, innovating products, conducting lender analysis and increasing dealership profitability, so you can:

  • Capture a greater share of dealers' spread of business
  • Interpret retail automotive regulatory and compliance issues and their impact on business
  • Navigate and capitalizing on retail automotive market consolidation
  • Reduce your risk and auto loan default rates

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