Perspective on the

Auto Sales Plateau

  Total Vehicles Sold by Year

Units in Millions

 U.S. Unemployment Rate by Year

Consumer credit rose at a seasonally
 adjusted annual rate of 5.5% in Q3 2017

The sky is not falling.

There is still plenty of business available. While that business lasts, this is the time for dealers to regroup and re-address their go-forward plans with the focus on increasing back-end margins.


Train your team to focus on penetration rates over product pricing.

Ensure your F&I products match your inventory and customer demographic.

List your F&I product

information online.

Review your pay plans to ensure they are motivating and realistic.

The median price of a home
has risen to $319,700

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Consumer has a general idea of the products offered. They know which products they want, and they come in to the finance office with questions. With genuine interest in what the F&I manager has to say, their guards are down.

They want to buy.



Consumer knows nothing

about F&I products

until they reach

the finance office.

Sources: Automotive News, CNN, Federal Reserve, Bureau of Labor and Statistics